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Bronze Statue Theft in Prescott

Two bronze statues were stolen from a yard in Prescott. 
Male flees from Medical Attention and is Arrested Later

YCSO Releases Further Information on Outer Loop Accident

YCSO Announces Initial Investigation Results from October Fatality Accident on Outer Loop Road

Vehicle Thefts and Burglaries on the Increase

Gifts that Keep On Giving – Unlocked Cars, Ignition Keys Left in Vehicles Provide Easy Targets for Thieves
American Corrections Association Awards Innovative YCSO Program- "Restoration to Competency"
The photos will not be released out of respect for the families.

K9 Stop Leads to 10 Pound Marijuana Seizure and Arrest

 K9 gives alert that leads to discovery.

Sheriff's Office Participates in Safety Fair Events

Emergency Preparedness/Safety/Wellness Fairs Upcoming

Breaking News: Plane Accident at Gunsite, 4 Fatalities

Paulden Plane Crash

Paulden Woman Arrested for Burglary

The case was opened after she complained about victim harassment
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