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In April 2015 the TASER International company of Scottsdale, Az. and PoliceOne.com partnered to announce the second annual TASER RISE Awards.

Got Bees? Safety Tips

In case you come across bees, here are some tips on how to respond.
It’s hot outside. So hot that communities lower than 4000 feet in elevation are being warned of excessive heat for the next several days. With heat comes the risk of dehydration. Here’s what to do to avoid that. 
Edward Cox has been missing for over a month.

YCSO Thinks Homicide Unlikely

Based on information developed over the last several days, YCSO detectives are changing the focus of their investigation with a homicide emphasis being a less likely factor. 
The Supreme Court will decide this month on whether subsidies in federal exchanges are constitutional. According to HealthInsurance.org, an estimated 133,000 could lose their subsidies if the Court rules that the subsidies can only be provided by state run exchanges.