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Market Made Easy: Common Pitfalls Homebuyers Make & How to Avoid

08 December 2018
So, you’re buying a home, what do you need to know and how can you avoid pitfalls?

Carissa Maxwell and Kellen Hoskens, from the Maxwell Group at BloomTree Realty talk about some of the pitfalls you can encounter when you’re buying a home. Being prepared makes all the difference - after all, nobody likes surprises in this process!

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Money - how will you pay for your home?
  • Get a lender - why local lenders are recommended
  • Be prepared for appraisal, inspection and closing costs
  • Know how much you qualify for
  • Timing: It doesn’t happen overnight!
  • Find the right home for you
  • All about contingencies
  • Last minute closing issues
  • Pre-possession
  • Insurance you might need that you haven’t thought about
  • What not to do

This is a MUST-Listen episode if you’re considering a new-to-you home. 

The Maxwell Group: Website | Facebook 



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