Yavapai County Fair Introduces Johnny Black

03 February 2019
Heeere’s Johnny! Johnny Black, that is!

One of the things that folks really look forward to when they go to the Fair is the entertainment. This year most of the entertainment is already booked, and that includes the feature performers.

Meet Johnny Black, the lead singer and guitar player for Ash Black, a rock’n’roll band from Awatukee, Arizona. Originally from Ohio, Black relocated to Arizona about 14 years ago. 

Black’s roots are in classical music, but his heart right now is in rock’n’roll. Listen in as Black talks about his music and influences. And, for the first time ever, we have a live musical number on our podcast! 

Read more about Black in a VoyagePhoenix article titled, "Meet Johnny Black of Ash Black in Ahwatukee” where Johnny talks about his music, education and other profession. 

Follow Ash Black here: Website | FacebookInstagram

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Lynne LaMaster

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