Quad Cities Business Beat: Yum! Black Butterfly Artisan Chocolates

09 February 2019
It’s chocolate! What more is there to say? Actually, a lot.

Lynette Hoyt, along with her husband Zach, and sidekick San Martin Rodriguez, gave a warm welcome to Tracy Taylor from Black Butterfly Artisan Chocolates. Of course, the samples she brought were absolutely appreciated!

First of all, one thing to get clear - the chocolate Tracy creates at Black Butterfly Artisan Chocolates is nothing like Toll House chips. It’s difficult to find the right adjectives, but let’s start at elegant, delicious, intriguing, smooth…

You’ll have to just try it for yourself. So, go there. Now. It’s worth it. 

But, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Listen below to them talk about what kind of chocolate she uses exclusively, and why, and how long it takes (hint: longer than a city council meeting), and what a chocolatier actually is…

Ok, so now you should go. If you’re not convinced, look at the photos linked to below:

Black Butterfly Artisan Chocolates: Instagram | Facebook | 928.227.3274

They’re located in the 

Firehouse Plaza
218 W. Goodwin Street, Ste 102
Prescott, AZ

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