Quad Cities Business Beat: Decor in a Day

26 February 2019
How to decorate!

Ready for a new look in your home decor? Fresh ideas? Quad Cities Business Beat host Lynette Baker and San Martin Rodriguez sit down with Charlotte Dietrich to talk about Decor in a Day!

Charlotte Dietrich creates beautiful rooms for clients in a day’s time, by taking what you have and making it look stellar. 

"Allow me to take you from watching HGTV to LIVING IT!!" Charlotte says!

Charlotte also does Move-in Placement and Real Estate Staging. 
Listen in as the three talk decorating, building layers and staging. 
  • When you live in it, it’s a home. When it’s on the market, it’s a house. 
  • Triangle of light.
  • Where to purchase?
  • Designer look at a fraction of the cost.
  • Less is always more.
  • Downsizing

Do you want to win a 'Decor in a Day' room? Go to Charlotte’s Facebook and Instagram pages below, like them, and tell what what room you’d like to re-do! Your name will be put in a drawing and you might win!

Decor in a Day: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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