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Market Made Easy with the Maxwell Group: The Farmer's Market

02 April 2019
Prescott Farmer’s Market
This month, Carissa Maxwell and Kellen Hoskins are featuring non-profits (there’s...    still time to get your tax donations in!). On today’s episode, Kathleen Yetman shares information about the local Farmer’s Market. 

The Prescott Farmer’s Market is producer-only - everything must be grown or raised within Arizona. For processed foods and crafts, everything made or sold must use a percentage of AZ grown ingredients. Yavapai County suppliers are given preference.

One thing that Yetman explained was that people using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can get double the SNAP benefits when they swipe their EBT card.

Yetman shares a lot of insider secrets about our Farmer’s Market - you’ll want to hear it all. 

Prescott Farmer’s Market Website | Facebook | Instagram

The Maxwell Group: Website | Facebook | Podcast Channel

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