Ken Bennett to speak for the ConCR organization.

Bill's Newscast: Roadwork on 89

SR 89 will be under construction for quite a while.


Got questions about the Public Safety Pension Retirement System?

Arizona's PSPRS Dilemma

The History Behind Arizona's Public Safety Personnel Retirement System, How The Fund Was Hurt After Financial Downturns and How It Has Affected The Various Cities in Arizona.
Moving forward with the Event Center.
Speaker Mesnard Announces Creation of House Ad Hoc Committee on PSPRS
Representative David Stringer (LD-1) talks about education and the newly formed ad hoc committee on PSPRS.

Bill's Newscast: What to Do About PSPRS

Councilwoman Billie Orr talks about PSPRS.

Arizona Supreme Court strikes PSPRS Reforms

PSPRS still expected to save $475 million due to 2016 law, referendum
Are Mayor Harry Oberg's suggestions for solving the PSPRS debt affecting so many Arizona communities achievable?
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