Arizona Rangers Plan Ongoing Relationship with CVPD and YCSO

12 June 2012   Sgt. Willie Lass
Law enforcement agency volunteers collaborate.

Captain Dave Kyburz, of the Lonesome Valley Arizona Rangers met, in separate meetings, with Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Masher, Interim Police Chief, Chuck Wynn and Commander Mark Garcia of the Chino Valley Police Department. Captain Kyburz invited these top ranked officers to attend the next Arizona Rangers monthly meeting.

On May 21st, Yavapai County Sheriff Scott Masher and Chino Valley Police Commander Mark Garcia attended the Arizona Rangers monthly meeting, to learn more about the Rangers, and to discuss ways in which the Rangers can be of service to their departments. Captain Kyburz said, “We currently have over 30 Regular Rangers and several Probationary Rangers waiting to be sworn in. As the newest Ranger Company in the State, we want to meet with all local Law Enforcement agencies so they know we are here to help and support them when needed.” The Lonesome Valley Company serves the Quad Cities area from Paulden to Cordes Junction.

Captain Kyburz explained the requirements to become an Arizona Ranger, along with ongoing training. Many Rangers are retired law enforcement and military, and always ready to serve the community. Currently we have Rangers who are VIPs with the Sheriff’s Office, Prescott Police Department, and with the Prescott Valley Police Department’s volunteer program. Captain Kyburz said, “Other Ranger Companies in the State work closely with their local law enforcement and he is looking forward to his company being of help to the community. We have a great group of men and women who volunteer their time and want to serve, helping to support law enforcement in our area when called upon.”

Sheriff Masher reported that YCSO has many excellent volunteers in their VIP Program, Volunteers In Protection. “Our volunteers play a vital role in serving the citizens of Yavapai County. The Sheriff’s VIPs assist patrol deputies by providing assistance on calls, transporting prisoners, traffic control at accident scenes, administrative paperwork and many other law enforcement support activities. The Sheriff also commented that volunteers are crucial during fire season for traffic control, evacuations and search and rescue. “I will take a good look at how we can work closely with the Arizona Rangers” Sheriff Masher said.

Interim Police Chief Chuck Wynn with the Chino Police Department asked his Commander, Mark Garcia, to attend the Ranger meeting in his place. Commander Garcia said his department has a few Citizen Volunteers who help with administrative duties and Animal Control. With budget cuts volunteers are a tremendous help in allowing Patrol Officers more time out in the community. Commander Garcia stated, “I can see where we could have used the Rangers in the past, and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Sheriff Masher and Commander Garcia each discussed a role they believe the Rangers can possibly play in supporting their Deputies and Officers. Both see a need with recent budget cuts where the Rangers could be of assistance. Commander Garcia commented that the Rangers could help with traffic control, accident scene support, crime scene security and preservation, search and rescue, evacuations and officer assistance. All agreed to future meetings to see how the Rangers can be of service.

If you want more information or are interested in joining the Arizona Rangers please visit www.LVRangers.org or call Captain Kyburz 928-899-1941.

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